work from home ideas

Easy work at home ideas are those which need minimal effort for optimum results. As everyone knows, or you are new and don't know, getting visitors or traffic to your web page is vital to achieving success to your home-based business. Once you have determined your products to market or promote through an affiliate program, it will be time to start your marketing campaign. So, I'd like to offer you a straightforward work from home concept that will assist you to receive traffic quickly by permitting your internet site indexed quickly by the search engines.

work from home ideas

1. Produce a free blog. There are a number of websites offering this, but for beginner's I would recommend This really is another one of these easy work at home ideas that I employ in my own web business projects and sometimes advise others to complete the identical.

work from home ideas
2. Make several posts of original unique content related to your products topic, preferably one or more times each day to start out with (another easy home based idea). Then start linking a few of your site content returning to other pages in your site by using target keywords as anchor text. This helps search engines like google identify your pages as something it could desire to appear in their search engine results. Don't limit yourself to linking simply to your home page, hyperlink to sub-pages too.

3. Create a free MyYahoo account on as well as a free personal account on

4. Add some auto-generated RSS feed from your blog in to the personal news section of your MyYahoo and MSN accounts.


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